In the Franciacorta method the wine undergoes refermentation in the bottle, so every bottle has its own individual story.

The starting phase in the process is the meticulous selection of the grapes, which undergo gentle pressing when they arrive at the cellar.

Carefully chosen yeasts are added to the obtained grape must, triggering the first fermentation in steel tanks or small wooden barrels.

After racking the wine various times, it stands on the lees for about 6 months, a process which enriches it and gives it character.

During this phase, repeated tastings are performed to assist us in the creation of the cuvées using a selection of wines from the different vineyards.

The wine is bottled in the spring following the grape harvest, and the yeasts and sugar added start the refermentation in which the bubbles are magically formed.

The stacked bottles are then left to stand for at least 24 months, and up to 60 months for Franciacorta millesimati wines.

The bottle ends its journey in the cellar with disgorging, when it is opened to remove sediment and re-corked with the unmistakable mushroom-shaped cork; it is during this operation that a liqueur d'expédition is added, which determines the type of Franciacorta wine.

During this fascinating itinerary, modern production technologies combine with the work of humans; wine is made in the vineyard, and it is our task to create the right conditions to get the most from the grapes without interfering with their natural processes.

We are constantly at work to ensure that our Franciacorta wines always have that thrilling touch of artistry.

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